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California Family Law Clinic

Attorney Consultations and Supervised Document Preparation
“Affordable Legal Services to Guide You through the Family Law Process”


California Family Law Solutions was founded to provide affordable access to legal services to the millions of Californians who go through the legal system each year. In California, between 70-80% of all parties in family court represent themselves. Our goal is to help those who represent themselves through the legal system by offering affordable attorney consultations and document preparation services.

Starting with a low cost $75 for 30 minute or $120 for 1 hour Attorney consultation, one of our California family law attorneys will sit down with you one-on-one to discuss your case and review your options. Once we get to know you, the attorney will take you step by step through your case and give our analysis of your case, the timeline of upcoming events, documents to be prepared, and legal strategy. Our paralegal team then takes over and prepares the court documents, declarations, and financial statements as directed by the attorney. Finally, if you have a court appearance or mediation, the attorney will sit down with you to create a checklist of issues to address and coach you on how to address the court or the mediator. Or if you prefer our attorneys can also represent you at your hearing on a limited scope basis for a flat fee of $600.

This innovative approach lets us deliver personalized attention and counseling from an attorney, at less than half the price of traditional law firms. In most cases, we believe this is the most cost effective way for petitioners and respondents to get the legal advice they need without spending Thousands of Dollars.

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